Vinnovate ep 4 -Clean up and detox

🛠 The Linkedin Project, 🧠 Dopamine Detox, 🏠 Clubhouse

Well, hello there and welcome to the fourth instalment of Vinnovate. A couple of new faces here this week! Welcome and thanks for joining us. It’s a tradition when joining Vinnovate that you share it with 5 of your closest friends. Ask around they’ve all done it, right…. guys?

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What’s in store this week:

🤓 The linked project

🧠 Dopamine Detox

🏠 What’s the deal with Clubhouse

📧 Newsletter update

🛠 Five things

💡Backed Kickstarters

Right, less talk, more content. Go.

The Linkedin project

The past three weeks I’ve been cleaning up my Linkedin feed. I’ve been anti-Linkedin for a long time but figured I control my feed. I decide what sort of content appears on there.
I ran a similar project on Twitter a few years back and now love it, even more, every post I see is interesting (give or take a few), I get involved in discussions, I learn more and I meet new people.

So I’ve taken the same approach on Linkedin in. The first thing to do is clear up the crap that comes into my feed. Using these filters I unfollow any of these:

- Any posts mentioning Steve Jobs, Richard Branson and the like posts.
- Recruiters - Not only because I’m not looking for a job, but they do post some crap
- Religion / Politics - enough said, wrong platform. (mind you, I block that shit on Twitter too)
- Reposted content with no context - no effort, not interested
- Those puzzle posts - Whats the point? They don’t work on Facebook either.
- Reply with keyword posts (been guilty of this) - may get you some response but low quality
- Like, share or comment for responses posts - this died with myspace. Still being used on Facebook though I guess.
- Social Media ‘Gurus’ - The less I say about these textbook reading wafflers, the better.
- New employee announcements or Work anniversary announcements - I don’t care, really.
- Agency awards / Nominations - Never understood the agency world’s obsession with these. I’ve seen the judging process…

That’s phase 1 - three weeks in and the feed has not improved. My next approach will be to connect with like-minded people. Although, other business owners may just be posting for leads or hires. The Nocode community dosen’t seem to be too active there either. I’ll find them.

I’ll keep you posted. All this boils down to is following those that are worth following. Be ruthless. On all your channels.

Dopamine detox

This topic came up on my Youtube feed the other day and it sort of intrigued me. Ever wonder why you procrastinate or get distracted easily - Part of it is down to dopamine. Your brain wants a quick fix. That’s why you will find yourself doing the preferred things rather than boring things. (yes there’s a few other things involved) but dopamine is a pain in the ass when trying to stay disciplined. It affects productivity, eating healthy, temptations (yeah that kind) and more. You are basically looking for a quick fix and what you set out to do originally suffers.

This video explains what Dopamine detox is, in short, it’s weaning yourself off playing Xbox till the early hours rather than getting some sleep, stopping social media scrolling, stopping eating that cake rather than something healthy. I’ve jumped ahead to how to do a dopamine detox, but feel free to watch from the beginning

My current setup :
📱iPhone is on Silent / Sometimes in another room
🔕 All notifications switched off
📺 No TV in the week
🍔 Fixed eating times (Keto won’t allow for snacking and kills the carb or sugar craving)
👨🏻‍💻 Freedom installed on my Mac and devices to lock out distractions
📱 Using iPhone Downtime settings to ensure certain apps don’t run Mornings and evenings

If you find yourself constantly distracted, or not getting things done, or not concentrating on what you should get done, then give the above ago. See if it helps.

Checking out Clubhouse

I recently joined Clubhouse. At first, I was reluctant, as its yet another channel. A majority of the people I saw talking about it were the usual ‘Gurus’ (I even saw a video from someone explaining how to use it best for business - a day or two after joining). However, I finally gave in and thought I would check it out. I’m not going to give you any tutorials, but more my experience and an Idea I’m thinking about.

It’s great… but only if you find the right rooms. Out of the few times I’ve been in there I’ve discovered two rooms and really enjoyed the content. The Live aspect is great, you can speak and meet people with similar interests. But there is a lot of crap to get through. The worst being the “Instagram hacks’ or ‘millionaire mind secrets’ sort of channels. Led by bullshitters and their minions.

Like what I’ve been doing with my other channels I’m taking the approach of making sure I filter out channels like the guru ones above. Plus only follow people I really know or may have engaged with on Twitter. This way I hope to steer clear of time wasters. If you get an invite, check it out. Spend some time in there, pop into a room and see what you think. I even spoke in one and met some nice people off the back of it. I’m using it in my book too as its a great resource to find content ideas.

This got me thinking for my digital products I’m building, and this newsletter.

Vinnovate, for instance, could be supported by a podcast, but that’s just me talking at you. What if every Friday, about an hour after it’s gone out, I start up a Vinnovate Room. Then you readers pop in there and we speak about the content, ask questions, you add to it and more. It could be the first newsletter supported by a live chat an hour or two after going out. (I could then plug that into my Rode podcaster pro and record it, and turn that into a podcast) What do you think? Would it be worth setting up? If you’re interested, open this email in your browser and it will allow you to comment. Let me know.
For the other digital products, I could set up chats around the products for questions and suggestions. May give this a go.

Also, If you’re already on Clubhouse - drop your user name in the comments. I’m @vincenthaywood - find me!

Newsletter update

I’m starting to see more signups from non-family and friends - well if you signed up, you’re a friend now ;-) My initial list build was importing everyone I know from my Gmail account, and over the past few weeks, I’ve started seeing people joining up off the back of social posts and thanks to others sharing my post. I’m currently getting my book finished but will be head down on some more growth on this next week. For now, there is a slight increase:

📈 Newsletter Growth so far:

108 subscribers ↑6% (pw:101) - no one has unsubscribed yet 😬

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Five Things

🎙 RiversideFM - finally a replacement for Zencastr. Record and film podcasts that don’t look like crappy zoom calls

📊 Vizologi - Discovered this the other days whilst working on a business model canvas. Great examples of other big companies or your competitors. Heres Netflix and here’s Air BnB. Import this into Miro and collaborate on your plans.

😍 Notion Icons - Love Notion. Want to add some cool looking Icons to your pages. Check out Notion Icons. (Bonus: is amazing!))

🌅 - a great way to check-in with your team or friends and family every day with a brief 30-sec video. I use this a lot.

📺 WandaVision - MCU fan? - this is such a curious show. Slowly unravelling. It will intro the next phase. Get through the first two 1950s episodes and enjoy

My Kickstarter backings

I love Kickstarter and Indiegogo - I think I back at least one project a month. So in order to support these guys, I thought I would share what I’m backing. (Some fundraising may be over by now)

🚿 Shower Power: The Hydropower Shower Speaker: Waterproof music streamer powered by water. This went crazy at CES recently. Genius ides

😴 NightBuds - smart earbuds for better sleep: Love these, can finally listen to my audiobooks, podcasts or meditate and not worry about them falling out or being pushed into my ear

Shameless self-plug:

Don’t forget, Content Ideas Machine is almost complete. It’s currently at £5 and will probably go up this weekend as I hit my first target. Get your preorders in here - and thanks again to all of you that have already ordered.

Once the above has launched I have a very cool secret project, especially if you are considering starting your own consultancy / Agency or want to up your agency’s game. Coming soon!

That’s it for this week, have a bloody lovely weekend and don’t forget to share. I’ll stop asking soon. ;-)

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