Vinnovate ep5 - Say, Kill, Eat

📢 Have something to say 💀Kill PowerPoint 🔪A smart chopping board

Episode five comin’ at ya! Hey there and welcome to another episode of Vinnovate. Hello to the new people, thanks for joining us!

A bit late on getting this one out today, but all good. Let’s get to it.

What’s in store this week:

📢 The have something to say stack

💀 Death to Powerpoint

📧 Newsletter update

🛠 Five things

💡 Kickstarter backings

The ‘have something to say stack’

I was having a chat with a friend on Twitter this week who’s made the jump into setting up their own thing. He’s a great speaker and has some pretty cool posts on Twitter regarding marketing and advertising. He was asking me how he could go about running a newsletter and it got me thinking. This guy has a lot to say and is very good at it. So why not recommend a bunch of tools to easily get your voice out there.

Here is the ‘Have Something to Say Stack’ - install all of these and you have an arsenal to get your voice out there

🎙 Descript: Easily record and edit your podcasts. So easy. Has so many more features too including creating audiograms.

🎤 RiversideFM: For interviewing remotely (with video too)Your interviews will not look like or sound like crappy Zoom calls. Everything is stored locally on each person’s machine and then uploaded to a central point. It’s like they are in the room with you.

👨🏻‍💻 Paste or Pitch - death to PowerPoint, it sucks. Either one of these tools will help you quickly get those slides out, for your online tutorials, presentations and more. Try them, you’ll never go back to PowerPoint. More details below

😎 Hypefury or Typefully: create and schedule tweet threads easily with these tools. Both are constantly upgrading. Hype fury, for instance, allows you to post on Linkedin too, turning your tweet thread into a full post automatically

🎙 or equivalent, - distribute your podcast across multi-platforms in a few clicks. These tools allow you to set up episodes too.

🏠 Bonus: Clubhouse Yeah I know its what everyone is talking about, but its a land grab right now. Plus it needs good people and not the bullshitters that are on there. Signup, create a room, grow your audience. Follow me: Vincenthaywood

Paste and pitch - death to PowerPoint

I mentioned these tools above but wanted to go into a bit more detail. I love training and giving presentations but have always hated PowerPoint. Probably one of the most dated pieces of software on my mac. Overkill, convoluted, and just a pain to use.

Recently I started looking at Paste from Wetransfer. The most minimal presentation creator I have ever seen. You type, click a layout, add an image. Job done. The slides look great without any font changing, branding and all that. My thinking with Paste is to use it for my slides for my training site. Instead of a load of images and screengrabs, I just have minimal text on the screen so as not to distract the user.

Here’s a short demo of Paste in action. Notice how good the slides already look

Then there’s Pitch. This is what PowerPoint should be. It’s very similar to Paste but has more layout functionality and the templates it comes with are beautiful. I recently finished a 32-page proposal doc in a couple of hours rather than days. All page template layouts are easily accessible on the bottom as you are editing and just by mousing over you get to preview how it would look.
The style editor is so simple too. It’s a one-pager where you add your fonts, sizes, colours and more and then use quickly. No more of that ‘Master’ editing.

Here’s Pitch in action:

The collaboration is amazing too.
One thing I was concerned about is that not everyone on the team will move over to these tools and will want to edit in PowerPoint (meh) - all you need to do here is export to PDF and then convert that to PowerPoint. Maybe a bit counterproductive, but it allows you to build the initial decks and its stylings and then have the rest of the team add their bits. But in a perfect world, the entire team is on Pitch.

Oh and pitch lets you upload old decks to edit.

Newsletter update

The past few weeks I’ve been mentioning the subscriber growth on this newsletter. It’s growing slowly, but I’m moving my attention to open rates. I’ve noticed a number of subscribers have not opened from ep1 - do they not know the amazingness of this thing? ;-) - So the Growth counts, but just like social media, its the quality of that audience. Right now I’m just over 100 subscribers, which is fine but I need to increase the open rates.

Testing this with subject lines - to see what would make someone open this. I’ve also run Vinnovate through Mail-Tester and have a score of 9.5/10 - meaning it’s not going to junk. Just some people not reading my hard work 😢

I have a few more tasks to do for Vinnovate’s growth and will share them here.

I’m also moving to a two-week post schedule. I realised that to keep the content going I should decrease the frequency of the emails. So moving forward Vinnovate will be out every two weeks now. This will give me more time to create the episodes. May revisit this.

📈 Newsletter Growth so far:

112 subscribers ↑3% (pw:108)

Share vinnovate please!!!!!

Share vinnovate

Five things:

📆 Clockwise - A smart calendar assistant that helps rearrange meetings and free up time. Great for those that aren’t finding a gap

✍️ Liner - Love this, highlight parts of sites and stores for reference later. Great for content, presentations and more. Plus it remembers your highlights when you revisit the site you highlighted

📧 Spark - I installed this email client a few weeks ago and my inbox has never been cleaner. Automatically sorts emails in the smart inbox. A pleasure to use. This has replaced my iOS and OS email clients

🏢 Croissant: Use this when lockdown is over. For a minimal subscription, you get access to lots of workspaces around your city. Easily find a space to work out of wherever you are. Used this last year and got to work out of some very cool offices

📬 Mailbrew - I usually add my email subscriptions to Feedly, but it has a 25 limit. Using mailbrew I subscribe using a provided email address and now get one mail with all newsletters combined. You can even share your ‘Brews’

Kick Starters I’m backing

Chopbox - A smart cutting board, yep you read that right. I got this as I do Keto and you constantly need to measure. This board has a built-in scale, extendable second board, knife sharpeners and a UV light for sanitising. Check it out.

Orbit Key Nest - I love this thing. It’s a smart box for all your office bits. But designed for moving around. Plays nicely with Croissant above. You can customise the interiors, store cables, SD cards, money and more. Plus attache your notebook and pens on the outside. Also has a wireless charger. It’s like a mobile desk you can pop in your bag.

There you have it, episode five is a wrap. As mentioned above, episode six will be with you in two weeks time. See you then and have a great weekend!

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