Vinnovate ep7 - Stop, collaborate and listen

📖 My book is live! 🧰 Best collaboration tools ✍️ Auto note taking

Hey there! Welcome to episode 7 of Vinnovate. Got some interesting stuff for you this week, check it out:

In this weeks episode:

📖 The content ideas machine is live

🛠 My favourite collaboration tools

📕 The start of Book 2

📒 New Bullet Journal page

👨🏻‍💻 Five Things

Content ideas machine is live

Very exciting news, after a good few months of writing and filming, my first book is live. I’ll be sharing how I put this together in another episode but for now, I wanted to tell you a little bit about it.

In summary its over 30 methods I use to find content ideas for the various audiences I work with. One of the things most agencies, small businesses, consultants, course creators, brands and more struggle with is coming up with relevant content ideas for their audiences. You may start off with loads of good ideas but eventually, the well runs dry.

This book shows you different ways to find the subjects your target audience wants to know about. You can pick and choose what you want to use, but there isn’t a chapter in this book that won’t give you at least 100 ideas.

Eventually, you will find a method that just works and use it over and over, never having writer’s block or struggling with what to say on your next video or podcast.

Some of you on this newsletter already purchased! Thanks so much, I’ll be emailing you for a review very soon

Very proud of this and its the first book in a whole series. No waffle, just purely executional stuff. Head over here if you want it:

My favourite collaboration tools

Might be crappy timing with lockdown coming to an end, although I knew a few people that are going to keep working from home or remotely plus the way my business runs I need to collaborate with people all over the world. The past year I’ve been using the following tools to work alongside people and get thing s done.

Miro - Basically a very cool whiteboard. Very good for brainstorming. The templates on here are great too - even helping me discover new ways of working or laying out things for a project. Highly recommend this

Pitch - I mentioned this in last weeks episode and have been using it non stop. NOt just for the ease of putting together decks but for the collaboration aspect. You can video call within the tool and as your team member’s mouse moves around you see their video stream. There are slide approval processes too so you all know what slides are still needing to be completed vs those that need changes. You’ll be cranking out team presentations and reports in no time.

Trello - My life, client work and projects are run by Trello. It comes into its own when you involve a team on a project. Assigning tasks, conversations on tickets all help make sense of complex tasks. Instead of a crazy slack chat and trying to find the conversation you just click on the ticket (task) in Trello and all conversations, files, tasks are there. Plus if you set it up correctly, you will know the status of the project at any time. (consider installing Elegantt, if you use Trello - great for project management)

Google Drive (if used correctly) - I have a love-hate relationship with Google drive. Yes, you can easily share and collaborate but if you are managing multiple clients and projects, all with different naming conventions it can get a bit chaotic. Having said that though, the main thing I like about Google docs or sheets is the ability to comment and discuss a point. Also no more of those ver 21 files or final final version 22

Figma - God I love Figma. Its ease of use and support is amazing. Sometimes when creating assets for clients I need their feedback or when building an app I need to work with the UX guys, Figma collaboration nails this. Instead of exporting some png’s and emailing or using dropbox comments (which I do not like) you can collaborate in real-time and get the job done. Great for teamwork on designs

Those are the main tools I’ve been using throughout lockdown and probably still will. The collaboration is great to use in focus sessions too, set up a sprint. get the team in and nail it.

The start of Book 2:

As mentioned above, I recently published the first of many digital products. It opened up a whole new world thanks to the process I had established. Through a bit of trial and error, I found the stack I needed to get a book written quickly. (I’ll be sharing this process in another episode) - with that said I have already started work on the second book - Automations Vol 1. Its a restart but I’ve been looking forward to getting this out. It will include every single automation I use in work and personal life.

There are a few tools I’m using for this book :

Sneak peek: This is a great new site to help with pre-orders. Makes your product look great and generate a bit of hype. Use it to test ideas and get feedback.

Carrd: A quick landing page for users to register interest, the automations book is here: (may swap this out with Sneak Peak)

Google docs: I found it easier to write a book draft when you can see how many pages you were creating. The likes of IAwriter, or Ulysses have a continual flow - for some reason I like the page breaks. So Google docs have been doing the job for drafts.

Airtable: I used Airtable in book 1 - it makes it super fast to build your book template and then generate all the pages uniformly

Notion: For any extra resources or nook references Notion allows you to quickly and easily build a website. Updates for your customers are seamless.

Looking forward to getting this one out. I’ll inevitably promote it here ;-) One thing I’m considering for this book is ‘build in public’ - using Twitch I’m going to live stream the writing sessions and then share google docs to get feedback.

Bullet journal monthly learnings notes

Not sure how many of my readers use the bullet journal technique but thought I would share a new page I have recently added. Monthly review: Improve and Achieve

Each month I look at what happened, what went wrong, what could be improved and note it down on this page. Then next month I apply those learnings and review them again. You could probably do this in any task management system but it’s always good to take a look back and then learn.

Here’s my example from February:
- upgame on Twitter (post every day rather than sporadically)
- Split client work and side gig into zomes and days
- Apply 5 min rule (see below)

So in March, I need to apply those and see if there are any learnings. Keep repeating this process each month and you’ll start to see some change and improvement in what you set put to do. I haven’t added yet but recommend you write done your achievements too as this is a good way to remind yourself that you’ve got shit sorted as well.


✍️ - Zoom has a built-in transcriber but its not the prettiest or easiest to use. is a great tool to record and transcribe in real-time all of your video meetings. It integrates with Zoom and Google meet and will auto record your meetings plus use your schedule to start. Once you teach it who the attendees are it will automatically tag people speaking so you know who said what. So instead of taking notes in your next call, let Otter do the work. It even auto adds tags to your meetings so you can easily search later.

📆 Savvycal - I moved away from Calendly sometime ago, it does the job, but Savvycal does it better. For those of you that don’t know - this is a tool that allows people to see your availability and book time with you by just sending a link. Instead of the back and forth emails in finding a time. SavvyCal excels as it allows users to overlay their calendars and find a spot to book time.

👨🏻‍🍳 SuperCook - We missed our shopping deliver window a few weeks ago and had a few random ingredients left in the house. Supercook allows you to add those ingredients and will recommend a load of recipes you could follow to make a decent meal.

🍏 AppleOne - Apple recently combined all their packages into one. Apple Arcade, News+, Fitness+, iCloud and Music into one package that you can share with the family too. I love this as I now can have access to the magazines and fitness app in one. (arcade needs to sort itself out, and I prefer Spotify thanks to its recommendations)

And that’s a wrap! Thanks for reading. Don’t forget, if you are enjoying this and want to let someones know about it, please share it with them. I love putting this stuff together. See you next time!

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