Vinnovate returns!

But this is just a confirmation

👋Hi there! Vincent here, hope you are well.
You may have been a subscriber a while ago to the Vinnovate newsletter, or not… but here it is again.

New look, new content, new start

I’ve decided to restart Vinnovate as I enjoy writing it and sharing things. However, this isn’t the official one, this is more my way of checking you are okay to receive Vinnovate issues as they go live. Bit of GDPR coverage if you know what I’m saying.

So I’ll keep it short. If you’d rather not get this newsletter then you can click unsubscribe below and you won’t hear from me again, or do nothing and get regular issues from me.

Some things I will be covering:

👨🏻‍💻 Gadgets, tech, future, smart home and more

📈 Digital Marketing - but more on the execution side. None of that ‘Guru’ filler

😎 Cool things, products, reads, tweets and more

👨🏽‍🔬 Updates on experiments I’m running with code, NOCODE, Social Media and all that digital stuff

🛒 First access to the digital products I’m launching this year. With Discount codes!! (That’s the last sales pitchy point)

🛠 Growth tips, including this newsletter and how I grow its audience

There’s lots coming in support of this, including a podcast, videos, ebooks, sites and loads more that I hope will inform, help and just be interesting

One last favour, if you know anyone that would like this stuff or you enjoyed the previous Vinnovate please forward on.

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Hope you stick around, if you do, keep an eye out for issue one!
See you soon